Hi, I'm Emmy Sobieski.

Course Creator, Executive Coach, and Founder of My10Min. I help rising finance leaders surpass their goals and lead fulfilling lives.

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My10Min courses and coaching are a confidential and self-paced path to growth.

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Hi, I'm Emmy.
I help rising finance leaders surpass their goals.

When I was 24, my mother died. She was 51.  I was a young perfectionist wanting everything. 

Suddenly, I realized I might not have the “usual” amount of time. Time for health, love, and purpose. 

I had ambition in work AND athletics. While managing billions in NY, I was competing against Olympians in Florida each weekend, to initially mixed results. Then, I asked myself, what was the ONE thing I needed to do if I had only 10-15 minutes each day? I listened to my body, targeting specific physical goals. 

With this program, I qualified for the US World Cup Finals by riding in Florida only on the weekends while working in New York during the week. By leveraging my time into the most important 10 minutes each day, I could achieve all my goals. I bring these hard-won learnings to you.

As a technology analyst and PM for 25 years, I ran the #1 fund in the world in 1999, by carefully listening to market signals and management tones.

I managed my stress and fitness when I worked 80-100 hour weeks while being world-ranked in Olympic level Dressage.

  • At age 39, I placed 9th in US Dressage World Cup Trials
  • At age 50, I ran my first 50K in the desert heat, placing second in my age group
  • At age 51, I was US Masters age group (50-55) silver at 100 and 400 meter dash
  • At age 51, I was 2017 AAU North American Bodybuilding Physique Champion, women overall)

Having fit it all in, now I listen to light the way as you find your best path forward.

How can you reach your goals in business, fitness, nutrition, and life?

I offer courses, coaching, and corporate workshops to help you achieve the success you want in a positive, manageable way.  Are you ready to discover your future?

Emmy Sobieski

My coaching principles are inspired by you. You can fit in what matters to you. You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.

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Emmy Sobieski