Emmy Sobieski

Hi, I’m Emmy. I help and inspire busy professionals to reach their goals. Having fit it all in, I light the way as you find your best path forward. What are your leverage points to your goals in business, fitness, nutrition, and life? I coach and give My10Min Corporate Workshops to help you achieve the success you want in a positive, manageable way.

Resilience: Can You Re-Program Yourself?

And in 10 minutes? Yes! Small Stepping-Stones are ideal to build resilience! Stepping-Stones: Meditation Journaling Connection Sleep Self-Care Builds Resilience. Signal Your Mind and Body! Neurons that fire together wire together!  Neuroplasticity enables us to rewire our brains by signaling self-love through self-care.  Meditation has been scientifically shown (via fMRIs) to rewire your brain, increasing …

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