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 Fast Track Investing:

Live 6-Week Course February 2022

For Top 16-22-Year-Olds Breaking Into Wall Street

Pitching & Interviewing | Fundamentals | Technicals | Financial Statements | Career Paths | Networking Skills

I learned the hard way.
So you don't have to.

Hi, I’m Emmy.  I provide courses, workshops, and coaching to finance leaders.

I worked 80-100 hour weeks while being nationally ranked in 3 sports (Bodybuilding, Sprinting, and Dressage). Feeling pressured?

Surpass your goals:

  • Wealth: Find your financial leverage.
  • Executive: Accelerate your career.
  • Health: Build your foundation.
  • Social: Amplify your impact.

What Others Say:

Wealth 1: Fast-Track Investing:
Break Into Wall Street from non-target schools

I’ve helped dozens of high performing students from non-target schools break into Wall Street

This upcoming course for high performing students wanting to learn from a Pro (former #1 fund manager) and create their path to Wall Street.

The 6 week live online course includes:

  • Persuasive Pitching of Ideas
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Financial Statements
  • Technicals
  • Career Paths
  • Networking Skills

Plus loads of additional resources in one place:

  •  Investing: idea to execution how-to
  • Investing career paths and options
  • My investing philosophies and framework
  • My stories, mistakes and expert interviews
  • Crypto 101
  • Resources and links

Why me?  I’ve been where you are, at a non-target school AND ended up running the #1 Fund in the world.  I’ve also spent 15 years successfully teaching students from non-target schools to get on to Wall Street.

I have invested since I was 16, but when it came to college, I prioritized going to a college that could get me into the Junior Olympics, where I won team gold.  I had good grades, but not enough to make it into a target school for Wall Street.  So I took the unconventional path of working for an insurance company and then a fund company where I ran the #1 Fund in the world.  Then I worked for a top Hedge Fund manager.

There are many paths to your goals.  This course ensures that you have the best chance and that you know your options.

Even if you missed the “traditional” route, it’s not too late!

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Wealth 2: Perceptive Investing:
Fundamental Principles from a Wall Street Veteran

Learn and use a pro’s system for equity investing!

Want to work in investments? Want to know how pros do it?

I was the number one fund manager in the world in 1999 with a 495% return.  While that was a unique time, I enjoyed a 25 year career in equity investing from a non-traditional background and path to Wall Street.

Learn my system for doing a deep dive on a stock and figuring out what type of investing will work for you long-term.

We’ll cover how to pitch a stock, how to network, how to look at fundamentals, technicals, financial statements, and careers in investing.

In this course, I share my investing philosophies, mistakes, stories, and exclusive expert interviews

Wealth 3: Crypto Tripping:
A Guide to Blockchain & Crypto from a Wall Street Veteran

Unlock the mysteries of crypto in a language you understand.

Welcome to crypto tripping. 101. Crypto from the perspective of an equity analyst. In 1999, I was the number one public equity fund manager in the world up 495%. I rode the internet wave, Web 1.0.  Cloud is Web 2.0. Crypto is Web 3.0.

This course includes chapters on Bitcoin and financial coins, Ethereum and smart contracts, NFTs, which are non fungible tokens and ERC-20. Defi, which is decentralized finance, and pools, staking. Memes, regulators, and finally, fundamentals and technicals as applied to crypto.

In 2017, I started investing in crypto, and in 2021 I worked in the crypto industry. I take all of these perspectives plus 25 years as an equity analyst and portfolio manager, to illuminate the space for you.

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  1.  Delegation
  2.  Networking
  3.  Mindset
  4.  Decisions
  5.  Career

Exec1: Boost Your Delegation Skills:
Get Promoted Faster

Great delegation skills mean leverage for you and your career.

You’ve gotten here by making sure everything was done right by doing it yourself.
How do you jump to the next level? How do you delegate?
This course includes a 10 step process of delegation, how to give and get feedback and an entire section on perceptive listening skills.
If you practice delegation by asking open-ended questions and creating curiosity in yourself and in your team, you will be transformed as a leader and promoted faster.

Exec2: Build Powerful Networking Skills:
Your EQ Playbook

Your network is your wealth.

Want to grow your network of high quality people faster?

When you become a perceptive listener, people will be attracted to you and your network will explode.

The quality of people will go up and the number of people in your network will go up. People want to be heard. You’ll be like a magnet in any networking event, in any situation.

Transform the way you interact with others and therefore build your network like never before. 

Grow Your Mindset
Reach Your Goals Faster

How far could you go with a positive growth mindset?

Do you feel stuck or jealous of those positive people out there and wonder if you could just do a mindset revamp.

This course covers how to get, keep and use a beginner mind, a positive mind, and a growth mind.

If you have these mindsets, nothing can stop you. Choose how you think and feel about any event. Reprogram yourself for resilience. Use all these tools to reach your goals faster.

Exec4: Master Your Mind in High-Stakes Decisions

Leverage top executive coaching techniques to evaluate high-stakes decisions.

Whenever we are making important decisions, others involved pressure us to decide fast.

Take the space and time you need. 
This course acts as a confidential partner as you work through your high-stakes decisions:
  • What is under your control?
  • What not under your control?
  • Take forward only what you want.

Exec5: Upgrade
Your Career by
Aligning Your Values

Leverage top executive coaching techniques to evaluate high stakes decisions. Give yourself space to decide.

Are you a mid-career executive? Do you want to be more deliberate in choosing your path for the next 20 years?

This course acts as a partner and coach in brainstorming your future career.

  1. Unearth and prioritize your values.
  2. Brainstorm and create 4+ potential paths
  3. Grade all your paths on my values-to-career worksheet
  4. Map your optimal path forward
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  1.  Connection
  2.  Exercise
  3.  Nutrition
  4.  Stress

Health1: Crush Isolation!
Build Your Human Connections

Decode the Art of Human Connection like a Science!

Isolation is a universal threat to our  health and happiness,

Connections are built with:

(1) Your authentic & effective voice,

(2) Strong active listening skills and

(3) An healthy line of communication with your inner emotional world. 

This course offers practical actionable exercises designed for technically-minded brilliant professionals to grow in all three areas. 

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Health 2:
Exercise Smarter
Your Fitness Playbook

Exercise Smarter Not Harder. Leverage mental models of fitness pros.

You want to get fitter, not read books on fitness!

One of the dirty secrets of the pros is that less is more. 

On my road to being nationally ranked in 3 sports, I’ve learned that pushing hard is counterproductive at best, and dangerous at worst.

You are likely doing too much!  If you are just getting back into exercise, building back smartly is still the way to go.  You’ll be better able to avoid injury and burnout. Do more with less using pro tips in this course.

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Health 3: Personalize
Your Nutrition
Without Getting a Degree

Personalized Nutrition Is Here.  Are you leveraging it?

Are your ready to take your nutrition seriously but don’t have time?  

I worked 80-100 hour weeks, ran the #1 fund while being nationally ranked in 3 sports.  I am a Certified Nutrition Counselor (CNC) and authored a nutrition chapter in a medical textbook.

This course takes you through a step-by-step journey:

First, get rid of villain foods. Second, choose whole foods that work with you.  Third, add supplements, prebiotics and probiotics as needed.

You can reprogram much of your health by leveraging nutrition and understanding the interaction between Epigenetics, our microbiome, macronutrients and our own stress levels. 

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Health 4: Reduce Your
Stress & Aging
Your Resilience Playbook

Beat stress and aging without slowing down!  Get back in touch with you.

Stress handled the wrong way speeds aging and hurts your immune system. 

Before the age of 24, I had pneumonia twice, the flu and colds multiple times per year. Stress was killing me.

What changed? I learned to listen to myself and to build my own resilience.

Stress only speeds aging when we let it.  Take back control!

This course contains my 3 step stress system: (1) Set healthy boundaries, (2) Process current stress using easily accessible techniques, and (3) Prepare for stress and increase your resilience.

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Social 1: Thought Leaders:
Be Heard: Your Content Creation Machine

You are accomplished and respected.  Share your brilliance efficiently.

Have you neglected telling the world about your accomplishments?  Are you ready to build your persona online? Be where your audience is!

This course takes you from zero to one.

You will be able to create and communicate your personal brand: Design your persona-audience fit,  content strategy,  and marketing plan, (2) Script videos (long or short) and (3) Repurpose and distribute your content broadly.

Includes a separate section on (1) Finding your authentic voice, (2) Building intimacy with your audience on video, and (3) Practicing using additional resources.

Social 2: Film Yourself: Turn Your Awkward
into Ease

Be as warm and accomplished on video as you are in person!

You know video is the key to building intimacy online.  When you watch certain videos you feel like you know the person without ever having met.  You want to create that same magic with your audience.

Speak to a camera as if it’s your close friend.

This course includes: step-by-step to (1) Finding your authentic voice, (2) Building intimacy with your audience on video, and (3) Practicing tips and references to additional resources. 

Social 3: Make LinkedIn Your Growth Engine
Advance & Sell

Leverage your time and use the power of LinkedIn! 

Are you an executive wanting to increase your visibility and attract your next opportunity? Are you an entrepreneur wanting to use LinkedIn to boost your sales?

This course includes a two-hour full jumpstart. If you dedicate two hours to this course, you will know, start to finish how to leverage LinkedIn.

My deep-dive acts as your own personal marketing department:

You will develop your persona, define & locate your audience, figure out your production process and distribution strategy. Finally you’ll know how to nurture & sell with LinkedIn. 

Real Wealth: Build your expertise when you need it in leadership, wealth, health and influence.

My courses (and corporate workshops) provide simple, actionable solutions to complex problems.

Lead your desired life with less trial and error.

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