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I attended Attaining Peak Performance. The subject matter was what pushes us to our peak performance and offered ways to identify personal motivators on a physical and mental level.

Within minutes I was captivated. The content of the presentation was incredibly interesting and informative.

The delivery of the material was very engaging. Emmy is a great speaker and puts her ideas forward in such a way you can’t help but be drawn in.

She is a very accomplished individual and incredibly knowledgeable on the subject of nutrition and a complimentary active lifestyle. Emmy is enthusiastic about her subject and really cares about her audience. There were many questions and she answered each one comprehensively.

You just don’t want her talks to ever end!
Monica Goel, Fintech Project Manager
Sculptor Capital Management
I have known Emmy for over a decade when we worked together at Oppenheimer Funds co-managing a technology growth fund. She has an innate ability to foresee technology disruptions before others and always pursues all her endeavors with passion and a work ethic second to none.
Ash Shah, Portfolio Manager
Emmy is simply the best and deepest technology investor that I know.

She is incredibly generous with her time and her knowledge. She is collaborative. She has been incredibly helpful as a resource as I evaluate emerging technologies.

Her work ethic is unparalleled.
Dan Forman, Global Technology Sector Strategist
MKM Partners
Emmy is one of the few coaches and female entrepreneurs that understands data science and I am in awe that she knows my tech cofounder's company. We shared our common knowledge of data science and passion for startups. Emmy is a great communicator with a complementary skill set to mine. Our conversation helped a lot.
Michelle Wu
CEO Nyquist Data
Emmy has been instrumental as a wellness advisor on my journey through Keto over the last several years.

Emmy's guidance has given me the mental focus and sustained energy to cope with the long and rigorous demands of Wall Street.

Her knowledge of diet and nutrition is extremely vast, but one of the things I valued the most, is that given her extensive experience in institutional and corporate work environments, Emmy was able to guide me through on how to adapt to specific work and travel demands, while still staying on point with my wellness plan.
J. Vinh, Managing Director
KeyBanc Capital Markets
Emmy has been an incredible mentor to me over the years and was instrumental in helping me transition from the academic to the professional world. She thoughtfully considers the specific ways she can help an individual grow and then gives tailored advice and projects to help a person develop independently.

Emmy has an extremely analytical mind that enables her to look at problems from every conceivable angle which allows her to discover idiosyncratic perspectives that others may overlook.

Her knowledge of the markets, particularly the tech sector is vast. Emmy is passionate about advancing people to make the world a better place for everyone. She understands the financial world and is uniquely positioned to achieve that end.
Josh Ginsborg
Goldman Sachs
Emmy has amazing strategic insights and a gift for discerning exactly what makes technology companies become successful.
Carl Carrie, Former CTO Bloomberg
JP Morgan, and Barclays
Emmy is one of the most incredible women I know.

She is not only extremely intelligent and deeply analytical but also able to link her insights back to the bigger picture and to a larger purpose.

Emmy is an innovative thinker who is passionate about her work, particularly within her expertise in cutting edge technologies.

As my mentor and the mentor of many other young professionals, she has given us advice and genuine support to help us make decisions in both our careers and our lives.
Christina Jiang
MBA Candidate at the Wharton School
Many thanks for a fantastic, inspirational and thought provoking lecture. Your life journey in the search of excellence, your intellectual curiosity and your ability to leverage the latest technologies are inspirational.
Professor Avi Seidmann
Boston University

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